About Us

“I know that together, we can do something about it.”

Tony Kirwan

The success of any society is in its strong moral system resulting in a better life for its citizens. An Informed and Educated environment enables people to enjoy a self-sustainable, better standard of living, and quality of life.

The survivors of abuse, homeless people, how little they may be, spend all their prime years putting their dignity at stake searching and failing to find opportunities to grow and cultivate a superior life for themselves and their families. Technology is raising the bar higher when it comes to entry qualifications for several jobs. All things considered; many individuals do not meet the entry specifications needed to land respectable careers. For instance, they do not have the necessary skills required by employers.




Food Service








and much more

Hope does not disappoint

Our focus is to be the bridge between survivors and entrepreneurial skills resulting in a Major Boost for the community. Our mission is creating an Enlightened world, work with an amazing team of advocates as we welcome others especially chefs who are passionate to volunteer, advocates & supporters who want to dedicate their time, talent, and philanthropic resources in combatting homelessness, domestic abuse, and much more.

Everybody has the right to breathe in freedom and with dignity. And everybody has a task to carry out in making that happen. We want them to compete with people all over the world and have an equal opportunity to progress and create the life that they dream and deserve.

Eagle’s Nest Community Kitchen plays a vital role by linking up generous donors towards those who need support in development to help them reach the next level. Our focus is to provide them with all the necessary and basic skills which they are entitled to as human beings. To organize fundraising events so we can provide a facility that we will teach other skills to create a life for themselves.

We’ve dedicated our lives to transform people, to support them in growing. Eagle’s Nest Community Kitchen is one way of transferring all the knowledge, experience, and delivering it out there in the world so that all humankind can prosper. At Eagle’s Nest Community Kitchen

We Don’t Build Skills, We Build Lives.