Organization/Brand Story

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

Angela Y. Davis

A wise woman once appropriately stated, “In the realm of life, moderation has its place yet so does the extravaganza.” Every story has a beginning and behind every dream is a dream. years ago, I started to grow and succeed professionally and personally, but then life happened, and my dream was placed on the back burner, I was homeless, and injured due to an accident. For a year living in a shelter. Well, that passion returned as I wanted people to have the resources and support, they needed to assist them on this journey called life and to realize whatever situation they may be facing they are not alone.

My journey is propelled to bring a wonderful sense of motivation and guidance to diverse people aiding them and driving them to revolutionize their lives as my mission is to help people realize their potentials leading to an effective, successful, and prosperous life.
Lack of skills, employment factors make it difficult for underprivileged and homeless people to adjust to life in the community and thereby increases the risk that they will return to a life of hopelessness.

Sometimes people going through life challenges do not value themselves. That is why they seek support when it comes to gaining opportunities that exponentially fade away due to their conditions. But when it comes to building themselves up, they don’t have the confidence, the faith, nor the drive to be their own cheerleader to build their destiny. Many don’t understand or know their value; therefore, it is reflected in every area of their life. From their finances, relationships, career, purpose, self-esteem, and passion.

Well, ladies and gents, allow me to introduce Eagle’s Nest Community Kitchen. It’s not only an organization but a whole community. I decided to set up Eagle’s Nest Community Kitchen as the cornerstone to fulfill my passion of empowering every person to set the trend through their value instead of following others. Our program has been a standout amongst the most difficult yet fulfilling challenges I have encountered in my life. The vision of establishing it was to spread ideas and experiences to inspire countless people around the world in believing in themselves and achieve their goals by learning various hospitality and culinary skills.

A story is often a piece of words. But it only becomes valuable when emotions are added to it.

The motivation behind starting Eagle’s Nest Community Kitchen is to motivate and help people to step beyond their limitations, trauma, and equip them with skills that will teach them to create wealth and maintain health in their lives. I believe that every person has the capacity and capability to exceed their goals, and my mission is to provide ample resources to those individuals in uplifting their lives.

We give ground-breaking skills, training that unite plan and language, making an extraordinary and important experience. At the point when everything meets up in wonderful agreement that is the place where we discover reality – it’s the place where the new story starts.

At Eagle’s Nest Community Kitchen, that’s what we live for. Our motivation is to zero in on helping other underprivileged people conquer struggles and locate the best form of themselves. It’s tied in with motivating one another. Gaining from one another.