Why Us?

Real change begins when an idea motivates activity, regardless of how little. By increasing understanding of people’s needs, we give the most ideal skill training programs during the moments of greatest impact, assuring that they reach their goals in the perfect way, at the opportune time, with the right support.

It matters to us when you’re spending efforts and donating towards Non-profits that reflect the wrong message and result in people being anti-social, feel depressed, and make life even tougher for themselves. Well NOT anymore! We’re here to do the opposite. Encourage those homeless, BIPOC, and underprivileged to look for opportunities that should provide happiness and comfort, just the way they need it to. Our office coordinates donors’ and people’s feedback to guard safety as well as to guarantee the support that they deserve. Using our expertise in close cooperation with professionals, we help people beyond our limits, improving how they can enhance and uplift their life through our exclusive training program “WE COUNT2”.

For achieving the above-mentioned, Eagle’s Nest Community Kitchen strives and specializes to offer exceptional training as we provide exclusive support for everyone across the globe to feel good about themselves and live life to the fullest. Whether you’re seeking admission or looking out for job opportunities. Cherish your life because all is well. Not only this, Eagle’s Nest Community Kitchen prides itself on paving the path for all to improve their mentality and the way they view life while never compromising on integrity, quality, and most importantly excellence.

We strongly believe in Prepare now for the solutions of tomorrow and our ultimate goal is to serve people through our training to prepare while our professionally sound experts develop their skills that would lead to a prosperous, convenient, and most importantly, respectful living environment.

Eagle’s Nest Community Kitchen is the only culinary program that is Black owned and operated in the Northwest that teaches our students basic culinary and cultural cooking.